CSP75-The long Fight for Papers in Paris

The Image of the Sans-papiers / The Beauty of the Sans-papiers

This photographic project is about the (so-called) CSP75 (Coordination des Sans-papiers Paris).
The CSP75 are illegal immigrants living in France sometimes for long years without official papers, even though they are working and paying taxes and social security. They come together in camps in order to publicize their fight for legal status.
In gathering officially they risk deportation, but apparently (and paradoxically) their visibility seems to protect them.
To increase their visibility, I try to show the beauty of the CSP75 by using my photographic skills and experience in high fashion photography.
I started this reportage the time of the removal of this camp on June 25th 2009 from the initial location in an administrative building (Bourse de Travail) in the 3rd Arrondissement to the new occupation in 14 rue Baudelique in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris.
These images tell the story about humans fighting for their rights to stay and work in France in a legal and decent way.