After starting out in fashion photography in Munich and Miami, I moved to Paris in 1994, where I continued my fashion work in various domains with editorial fashion shootings, catalogues, campaigns, backstage photography and direct collaborations with fashion designers on an international level. At the same time I started out in portrait and reportage photography.

Since 2009 I am based in Berlin. 

Committed Photography

 During the years, the commitment for cultural, political and social focal points took on a greater significance for me. This manifested when, in summer 2009, I started to work with so-called “sans- papiers” (without papers), illegal immigrants, who were occupying a vacant administration building in Paris.

After having witnessed their actions for several months, I installed a photo studio in the central and open space on site to invite the occupants to pose in front of the camera using the technique of  portrait photography.


Current projects vary between collaborations with visual artists (exhibition-, performance- and installation photography), comissioned work and personal projects.

Current Projects

Berlin Beauty

Berlin Beauty is a long term project created in 2011 focusing on portrait series and collaborations reflecting the way of life and beauty in contemporary Berlin.

The project is based on my experiences of 15 years in high fashion in Paris and the artistic and engaged approach of my works in Berlin.
Initially it was inspired by the way people are currently being pulled towards a city that is defined by constant deconstruction, reconstruction and fluctuation. Often in Berlin, you can find both uglyness and beauty occurring at the same moment and place. It is this contradiction that makes the city exceptional and challenging.

„People and faces represent, leave an imprint, create the look and rhythm of a city. Next to its architecture, history, politics and landscape they are the living and creating part of it, they reflect the city as the city reflects them. “


Portraits of Whistleblowers:

After starting to collaborate with the Whistleblower e.V in December 2009 I realized portraits of Whistleblowers all over Germany. This led to several exhibitions and public discussions in 2011.

The project still continues and the next exhibition is planned for the end of March 2012 at the European Parliament in Brussels.