Kunsthaus Tacheles- retrospective: March 2010 until September 2012

The selection of 99 photos shows a cross-section of my work at Kunsthaus
Tacheles Berlin. I started to take photos of and at the independent arthouse and
project space in March 2010, shortly after I had moved from Paris to Berlin.
The selection ends with the eviction of Kunsthaus Tacheles September 4 2012.
I chose a chronological order.
In two and a half years of collaboration with Kunsthaus Tacheles i took
thousands of pictures trying to capture the spirit of this arthouse by following up
ist organizers, artists and supporters, visiting studios, openings, performances
and shows as well as documenting the actions and fights to save this unique
place from it`s pending eviction.
This selection of photos reflects my very personal relation to Kunsthaus
Tacheles and to certain artists who became close friends of mine over the years.
It has no intention to be complete but I hope it can transport the feeling of the
house and the two and a half years I had the chance to be involved with it.
I hope it also promotes the idea of an independent and alternative art space and a
part of a culural identity of Berlin which is being threatened to disappear.

photos © petrov ahner
photo “creating the i support Tacheles-Wall” © Robert Kluba

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