175 000 Signatures for the Arthouse Tacheles/ Public Installation II

175 000 Signatures to support the Arthouse Tacheles
Public Installation II
Pariser Platz/Berlin
13 april 2012

The Arthouse Tacheles collected in 2 years 175 000 Signatures of visitors
as a support to remain an independant and free Art House.

Several attempts to hand over this signatures to Mr Wowereit
(mayor and senator for culture in Berlin) failed and have been simply ignored.

Threatend to be evicted by the HSH-North Bank,actuel owner of the area,
in order to sell this area to a private investor and the passivity of the Berlin government
to protect a free international Arthouse and a common space since 22 years
and as a tribute to all this supporters having signed the petition,
the artists and supporters of the Tacheles decided,
after an original idea of Petrov Ahner, to organize on the 13 april 2012
in front of the Hotel Adlon (Fundus Group), Pariser Platz/Berlin
this second public installation, holding up as a human chain the signatures.

The first public installation
” 170 000 signatures for the Arthouse Tacheles”
was organized march 21, 2012 in front of the “Rote Rathaus” ((the town hall and residence of the mayor)  Alexanderplatz/Berlin

To force the Berlin government to act,
this installation will continue on several symbolic spots in Berlin

Petrov Ahner

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