Photo-Documentation about the attempted eviction of the Arthouse Tacheles from March 22 to March 24 2012

On March 22, 2012 the Law Firm Schwemer,Tietz & Tötter and the hired private security
closed the Arthouse Tacheles for the arists and the public with no legal court decision
and protected by the police.

On March 23 the court judged this action as an infringement of property rights
and demanded to re-open the Arthouse Tacheles to the artists and the public,
ordering the private security to leave the house.

On March 24 in the afternoon at 2pm the main door of the Tacheles was finally open again for public.

This photos try to cover the events and the large mobilisation of supporters during this 3 days.

photos taken by petrov ahner 2012
all rights reserved

more details about the events on

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