Artist Wall to protect the Arthouse Tacheles

Photo taken March 7  2012

The story behind:

Monday  March 5  2012  workers from the Berliner company Lahr, Gawron GmbH measured the main entrance in the Arthouse Tacheles in order to build a fence. If this happens, the 30 ateliers, several exhibition rooms, one big theatre stage and more than 50 artists working in Tacheles, with non expired rent contracts, as well as their works, would remain behind a fence.

The act of blocking the main entrance, would be that access to the events and exhibition and to the current temporary exhibition Tacheles Biennale 2012, daily visited by thousands of people, would be stopped and effectively force the closure of the Arthouse.

The actions that are being undertaken against Tacheles ,without any court order, are being decided by the lawyers (Schwemer, Titz and Tötter, as well as Michael Schulz) from HSH Nordbank, and in all probability lawyers representing investor Jadfeld and Harms Müller Spreer. These acts are also being carried out, unlawfully, without an eviction order and it is clear that there is no court permission for the erecting of a wall or fence on the property.

The artists of Tacheles are now watching the entrances, and especially the emergency exits, of the house 24 hours a day. The building authorities have been alerted and now the artists are calling for the public to send solidarity letters for Tacheles, to those responsible for these acts.

more informations about the situation :

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